Seeing and feeling is believing: Esplora your heart out this Easter

Children from Cottonera and others living at children’s homes were given an opportunity to take part in activities at the science centre Esplora. Over the Easter holidays, activities and workshops are also being organised for families. We visited Esplora and talked to some of the children who were having fun experimenting with science.

At Esplora, children and adolescents are able to see and feel scientific concepts where a series of activities and workshops are taking places in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all subjects required in today’s world.

The Esplora center in Kalkara is offering a varied program of activities over the Easter holidays that include a workshop on robotics and other workshops that explore the magical world of science through interactive games for children and families.

There are also a number of exhibitions that simplify scientific concepts for children, while the Planetarium puts on audiovisual productions about the world and the universe.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology who manages Esplora said that during the last two years this centre has shown that people’s perceptions about science can be overcome.

Families can continue to enjoy the Esplora prgramme throughout the Easter holidays – a fun and educational opportunity for children and adolescents.

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