Seminars for Local Councils to improve use of social media

Minister for Competitiveness Manuel Mallia has announced the holding of seminars for Local Council staff, to train them in better use of social media sites. This is being done through a project organised by the Communications Authority, entitled MCA Webcheck for Local Councils.

Minister Mallia stated during a media conference that not knowing how to use the internet in this day and age was a disadvantage, particularly in business, and it was therefore important for Local Councils to be able to use this tool effectively. Minister Mallia added that he was proud to state that the country is well prepared in the use of internet. The Minister referred to the spread of the Wi-Fi service throughout Malta and Gozo, adding that whilst European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker is saying that he would like all public places in Europe to have Wi-Fi by 2020, Malta already has 300 hotspots in public places.

Minister Mallia said Government’s vision is to add another 100 hotspots by next year. Dr Mallia said that the use of Wi-Fi in Government departments and Ministries is to be announced in the near future, and research will also be carried out on how to have Wi-Fi available on public transport.

Minister Mallia said that thanks to this MCA initiative for a webcheck or Local Councils, the Councils will be closer to the citizens and will be able to implement systems through which they can handle people’s needs more efficiently. This with the aim of continuing to move forward.

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Stefan Buontempo said that out of 68 Local Councils, 54 have a Facebook page. On the negative side, 20% still do not have one.  Dr Buontempo added that by the end of February all Local Councils are to have a Facebook page, which will carry information about every meeting of the Council. The Parliamentary Secretary said this would mean bringing technology closer to the people.


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