Sentenced to 22 months prison for robbing elderly couple who were at Mass

A 43-year-old  man from Fgura was sentenced to 22 months in prison after he was found guilty of robbing an elderly couple seven years ago. He stole around €2,300 worth of jewellery and cash from them while  they were at Mass.

The burglary took place in July 2008 when Mark Zahra broke down the front door of Rosa and Giovanni Magri’s home in Triq il-Koppla, Fgura and robbed them.

The Court heard how the couple arrived home from hearing Mass and found that their front door had been broken into and everything in their home had been turned upside down. From police investigations it was revealed that several pieces of gold jewellery and precious stones were stolen, as well as cash. The accused, who pled not guilty to the charges brought against him, was identified by his fingerprints which were found on the jewellery box which was left behind in the couple’s bathroom. In fact, a clear fingerprint on the jewellery box exactly matched Zahra’s  left thumb print.

The Court, presided over by Magistrate Doreen Clarke found Zahra guilty of causing damage to the couple’s residence, of carrying out a crime while he was serving a suspended sentence and of being a second-time offender.

He was therefore sentenced to 22 months in prison and ordered to pay €1,613 in expenses for the appointment of court experts.