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Separate organic waste to avoid a fine

The collection of separated organic waste will start at the end of this month. This waste, which consists of food remains, will start being collected separately in a white bag. Environment Minister Jose’ Herrera said that the Government is providing special containers as well as white bags and appealed to everyone to co-operate in this project which is of national importance.

The local councils, along with Wasteserv, will be responsible for implementing the Sort it Out scheme which has as its aim the separation of organic waste from domestic waste. Minister Herrera, in a meeting with council representatives said that as from 31 October, organic waste separation will no longer be on a voluntary basis but will be obligatory throughout the whole country. He said that this will take place following a pilot project which was carried out with 9 local councils. Marsaxlokk Mayor Horace Gauci said that the families in these areas have fully participated despite the fact that there are still some challenges which need to be addressed.

“Perhaps it was a bit difficult, but through an educational campaign we managed and in fact for two consecutive times, the Marsaxlokk council won an award for collecting the most organic waste,” the Mayor said.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis said that the separation of waste is one of the greatest challenges which this Government is facing but was confident that the public understands the need for waste separation.

“At first it was difficult because people could not really understand the concept, but today following the exercise carried out in these localities, they are appreciating waste separation because this is an investment for the future as we are protecting our environment,” he said.

Minister Herrera said that within a few years, 60% of organic waste should be separated from other waste and this will be used to generate electricity.

He added that the organic waste bag will be collected three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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