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Serb sustains greivous injuries after St Julian’s fight

A man of Serbian nationality, aged 31, sustained grievous injuries after being involved in an argument in the early hours of this morning in St Julian’s.

The Police said that at around 1am they were informed that there was a person lying on the ground in  Triq Elija Żammit, St Julian’s.  The district police went on site where they found a man who did not have any visible injuries, but was complaining of pain.

From intitial investigations it appears that the man was allegedly involved in an argument with a number of people, probably all of foreign nationality.

The man was taken to Mater Dei for treatment where he was later certified to be suffering from serious injuries.

Duty Magistrate Dr C.Scerri Herrera was informed of the case and appointed various experts to help her in the inquiry, while police investigations continue.