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Serial killer who raped and killed 12-year old girl and four other women died in prison

In the United States, a serial killer died in prison with a natural cause while he was waiting for the death sentence.

77-year old Rodney Alcala had admitted killing a girl and four young women, however Police believe that he was responsible for more victims. Alcala is being described as one of the worst killers in America.

After being dismissed from the army for bad behavior and sexual crimes allegations, in 1968 Alcala was caught in the act while raping an eight-year old girl, Tali Shapiro, who was found in a pool of blood. However the girl survived the attack and is believed to be the only survivor of Alcala’s victims.

Alcala managed to escaped and was caught later. He was found guilty of an attack on the girl’s decency, released after a short time and continued with rape attacks and killing girls and women.

His most renowned crime was the killing of 12-year old girl Robin Samsoe in 1979 when she was abducted on her way to a ballet lesson and her decomposed body was found twelve days later. Alcala was caught following a face description given by Robin’s friend. Shortly before he was charged with her murder, DNA tests linked him with the murder of three other women, aged between 18 and 32.

Officially, Alcala was found guilty of the five murders, however during legal proceedings, new evidence showed that he was linked with other women found dead.

A year before the killing of Robin, Alcala appeared during the television programme ‘The Dating Game’ which edition he won after being selected by a female participant. Luckily she never dated him because in a backstage conversation, she stated that she was shocked , an instinct that had likely saved her life.