Seven fisheries projects with an investment of €5.5 million

The Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries said that the infrastructural projects earmarked for next year include the structural refurbishment of the vegetable market that will complement the current reform on the operation of the market. Roderick Galdes said that by the end of the year most of the infrastructural projects that will improve facilities for fishermen will be ready.

The Government is upgrading the Veċċja pier at Xemxija so that the fishermen will have more facilities for loading of fish before being transferred to the fish market or being sold in other places. Parliamentary Secretary Galdes said the work will be ready by the end of the year with an investment of one million euro. Visiting the pier, Mr Galdes mentioned the impact the budget measures will have on farmers and fishermen.

The Veċċja pier suffered heavy damages during the years with works costing more that the half a million euro spent of the Marsaxlokk pier. The Xemxija pier will include an office of the Fisheries Department that will monitor the fish catches by fishermen according to European regulations. Parliamentary Secretary Galdes said the Government had improved infrastructure for Gozitan fishermen when the fish unloading zone was completed last month at Mġarr harbour. Similar work was completed at Marsa where the fisherman can unload fish near the new fish market, which will be inaugurated next month.

Next year, the parliamentary secretary said, the Government will invest €1.6 million to start work on the refurbishment of the vegetable market infrastructure. He said that work will be done while ensuring the improvement of operations between farmers, the middlemen and consumers.

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