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Seven new cases of Coronavirus in Malta – four others have recovered

Seven new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Malta, and another four patients have now recovered from the virus.

A total of 1,429 swab tests were carried out yesterday, and the number of active cases has now gone up to 93.

Professor Charmaine Gauci will be giving more details during her usual press conference.

553 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Malta so far.

Today’s identified infected cases include a 52-year-old Maltese woman who works in an establishment, did not show any symptoms and got herself tested. The woman tested positive for the virus, and the virus spread was reduced as she had been wearing a mask at her workplace.

A 52-year-old foreign national went to the Emergency Department for a medical condition not related to Covid-19. When a test was carried out prior to his being admitted for treatment, the man was found to be infected with the virus.

A 47-year-old foreign national was admitted to the hospital and tested positive for the virus. Contact tracing is ongoing regarding this case.

A 50-year-old man who showed no symptoms and works in a shop has tested positive. The man had been wearing a visor when serving people, and thus the risk of infection was minimised.

A female foreign national who is a carer in a home and who did not show any symptoms tested positive before reporting for work. The risk of spreading, in this case, was thus reduced.

A 55-year-old Maltese male in a ward at Mater Dei Hospital was found to be infected with the virus. The man had been in contact with a person who had tested positive and had not shown any symptoms. The man was tested as a result of contact tracing and has been transferred to the IDU.

A 32-year-old foreign national who is at Karen Grech Hospital started showing Covid-19 symptoms and was found to be infected with the virus.

The number of patients being treated in hospitals is as follows: four at Boffa Hospital, six at St Thomas, one patient in the IDU and three at Karen Grech.