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Seventeen kittens abandoned – were in danger of being run over

Litters of seventeen kittens have been left abandoned in front of the door to a cat sanctuary in Cospicua. Volunteers at the CSAF Cat Sanctuary have expressed their anger, not only at the fact that these kittens were abandoned and dumped but because they could also have been run over by cars because they were not even left in a box.

Passers-by called the cat sanctuary in Cospicua on Sunday to notify them that a number of kittens were running around in front of the sanctuary. The kittens, apparently from different mother cats, were given shelter in the sanctuary, which has been looking after abandoned cats for the past 13 years.

Joyce Scerri, one of the volunteers, was very emotional, saying the kittens could easily have ended up being run over.

“I hope we’ll never witness anything like this again; just thinking about it makes me shed tears.”

The weeks-old kittens were treated and are now being kept in a clean environment. Mrs Scerri told TVM that volunteers work some 12 hours daily to ensure some 300 cats lack for nothing. She added that the volunteers feel very upset when they see abandoned and ill-treated cats. Mrs Scerri appealed for all cats to be neutered in order to ensure the feline population does not grow.

“Neutering is important for strays and even home cats. We see that cats are abandoned without even having been neutered.”

Anyone wishing to adopt a cat or kitten from the CSAF sanctuary in Cospicua has to undergo a process in order to ensure adoptees truly love cats.

Meanwhile, Minister for Agriculture and Animal Rights Anton Refalo had a meeting with the animals’ council and an agreement was reached on a national programme for cat neutering and for micro-chipping of domestic animals to be made mandatory. The council also agreed to work on a proposal for the immediate removal of dangerous poisons, and for the care of farm animals.

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