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His companions drank sea water and he saw them die one by one and resigned himself to death

After 11 days at sea, Mohammed Adam Oga remained as the sole immigrant survivor who managed to escape death while crossing the Mediterranean from Libya together with 15 other immigrants that included a pregnant woman.

In an interview with TVM, Mohammed Adam Oga recounted how his companions had perished in front of his eyes under the blazing sun while he screamed for help at every ship that passed by. He said he has not enough words with which to thank Malta’s Authorities for his rescue and the miracle he had remained alive.

From his bed at Mater Dei Hospital, through the services of an interpreter, Mohammed Adam Oga explained he is from Ethiopia but had ended up in Libya because of the political turmoil in his home country.

He said in Libya he had been kidnapped on several occasions and made to pay for him to be released. He maintained if he had remained in Libya he would have died. In Tripoli he tried to negotiate with a Libyan taffickant who requested $700 to ferry him to Malta.

On the dinghy there were 15 persons including a pregnant woman from Ghana. Eventually they ended up without food and water. They resorted to having to drink sea water but while he drank sparingly, the others drank too much.

After five days at sea, two of the immigrants died and he explained that with each passing day the sea became a cemetery for his companions. He recalled he saw ten persons passing away but could not recall what happened to the others.

Under the scorching sun, the bodies began to smell and a Somalian named Ismael began to throw them overboard while calling to passing ships and a helicopter for help.

Mohammed had resigned himself to dying and remained in that frame of mind even while being rescued because the dinghy had been punctured.

On reaching hospital he learnt that Ismael had also passed away and that he was now the sole survivor and for this he had heartfelt thanks to the Maltese people.

Although he has a long road to full recovery and he does not know what will happen in future, Mohammed said he leaves everything in the hands of God.

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