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Shares his experience in Ghana with photographic exhibition

Ghana is the latest African country in which Malta opened an embassy. Relations and trade opportunities between the two countries will be on the agenda during a state visit in Malta next week by the President of Ghana.

Relations with the African country took a new twist in the past two years with a visit by President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca in the summer of 2017 and the opening of a Maltese embassy in the capital Accra.

In Ghana, there is also a monument of Maltese generosity – the HopeXchange hospital which was built and furnished by funds collected among the Maltese people. Local  Ghanaians call the medical facility as “the Maltese hospital”.

A Photo-cameraman who spent days filming at the hospital and the surrounding area for a documentary on this Maltese generosity to the people of Ghana is holding a photographic exhibition in Parliament about his experience in this country. He says that the appreciation of simplicity is a lesson he learned during his visit, especially among the children.

Jonathan Mercieca said “There were beautiful particular moments where we flew a drone. They do not usually witness technology. Or when we took selfies with them; they come along and smile, some of them see their faces probably for the first time”.

He says that simplicity among the people has been a constant feature and there are moments that he could’t photograph with his camera that are still with him.

“There was a scene of a woman welcoming a man in front of her house; she embraced him and looked very happy to welcome him at her home. We see a house, like a garage, an abandoned and dark room; but the smile is always on their face because there is a sense of relationship, of community”.

The hospital built by the Maltese in Kumasi has 80 beds and specializes in women and child care. Nikol Baldacchino from the Ghana Mission Foundation said that their is great appreciation in Ghana for the Maltese generosity.

He said that the hospital needs to invest further in more equipment and appealed to Maltese specialists to carry out a voluntary work experience at the hospital, as major surgeons from a number of European hospitals have already done.

Jonathan Mercieca’s photographic exhibition with the theme Uċuħ ta’ Tama, on his Ghana experience and on the Maltese generosity, is being held at the Parliament building.

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