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She honks her horn and they come out to wave – radiographer went to live away from parents to protect them

A number of those who work in the health sector have had to take the difficult decision so that while they are being of service to Coronavirus patients, they move away from their loved ones and go to live somewhere else.

In these circumstances, the branch of the Żgħażagħ tal-Azzjoni Kattolika (Young Catholics Group) has shown its true values by offering the house that was used for its activities so that it can be used to accommodate these health workers.

Marija Cachia, a radiographer based at Mater Dei’s emergency department, took the decision 18 days ago. She said that this was the best decision because her parents are elderly and she did not want to risk carrying the virus with her and placing their health at risk.

“On the other hand it is not easy to leave everything which is familiar to you and your normal life and adapt to a new situation at a time when everything is stressful, including one’s work.”

Apart from the use of technology, Marija found another way to say hello to her parents on her way to the hospital. “I honk my horn or phone them, and they come out and wave goodbye, they tell me ‘bless, God be with you and take care’.”

Marija right now is living at the home owned by  Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika, which was being used for live-ins and other activities.

“For the time being it cannot function for this purpose and therefore we felt the need to support and share what we have with others,” says Roseanne Buhagiar, the President of ŻAK.

Roseanne Buhagiar explained that they have opened the door to front liners in the health care sector who have come face-to-face with this extraordinary situation.

Five other health care professionals are also living at this home like Marija, including physiotherapists, nurses and a doctor.

Marija said the effect of Covid 19 meant they had to adapt to a new reality, and some of the staff were even given training to do other types of work. “There is an element of stress, which is different from the stress we are used to, and many people who are changing their lives because of this.”

She also mentioned her colleagues who have chosen to be separated from their children without knowing when they can hug them again.

“This is very significant and I was greatly impressed by it. I hope that the nation understands that some are making this sacrifice for the good of Maltese society, and therefore we urge you to obey the directives and measures which are there for the good of each and everyone of us. That is the only reason they are there,” said Marija.