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Ship owners ordered to pay €56,000 in salaries to crew of Maltese-registered ship

The court has ordered the owners of the Maltese-registered merchant ship, Leonidas K to pay back the sum of €56,577.97 to the foreign insurance company which forked out the money so that the ten members of the crew who have been without a salary for two months, could be paid.

In a suit filed at the Civil court, Judge Mark Chetcuti upheld the request made by the The Shipowners’ Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (located in Luxembourg) so that the owners of the ship will pay the amount due to the crew for their February and March salaries which had remained unpaid. The amount will also cover the costs of repatriating the same crew and other payments connected with the case.

In Court, it was revealed that the ship owners had been promising to pay the salaries to the crew for several weeks, but never did so. The insurance company which opened the case in Malta had to issue the money for the salaries itself, after it was approached by the International Transport Workers’ Federation, which is the crew members’ union, and therefore it was obliged to pay the pending salaries to the crew who had not been paid by the owners of Leonidas K.

After it confirmed that the requests by the insurance company were justified , and as no objection was made, the Court ordered the owners of the ship to pay the amount due and all other relevant expenses.