Short films inspired by Maltese literature

Two short films inspired by Maltese literature excerpts are being broadcast on Youtube with English language subtitles, to reach a wider audience.

Camilla ‘and’ Dog Man ‘are two short films produced by Shadeena Entertainment which are being broadcast on Youtube with English subtitles.

Camilla, directed by Stephanie Sant, is a short film based on Clare Azzopardi’s novel with the same name, from a collection of short stories ‘Everyone Leaves a legacy” published in 2014. The collection won the National book Prize in 2015 in the Maltese and English Novels category.

The story centres around Laura, a 25 year old, who having been turfed out of her partner’s home goes to live with Camilla, an Italian woman and epitaph writer. The relationship between the two women runs deep, and Laura starts to suspect that there are greater forces at play.

The film was financed by the National Book Council fund as the Literary Contest winner of Short Films in 2018.

Oliver Friggieri’s ‘Dog Man’, adapted from the short film directed by Samuel Sultuana also began to be streamed on Youtube. The story is about a typical Maltese village marriage. After the sudden death of his wife, the man finds company in dogs he picks up from the streets.

The film was financed by the Malta Film Fund and has already been shown in Morocco and the United Kingdom.

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