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Should adopted children choose the surname of their natural or adoptive parents?

The current law provides that adopted children will take the surname of their adoptive parents. However, it is being proposed that the children, assisted by professionals, should choose their desired surname.

“We are not referring to minors aged 4/5, but we may speak of minors of 10/11 years old who are already integrated in school with colleagues and are aware of that surname”.

The is one of the proposals received during the public consultation on  adoptions, launched last November. Legal Consultant, Daniela Azzopardi Bonanno said that during the process, adoptive parents, persons undergoing adoption process and even Foster carers were among the participants.

Another proposal relates to adopted children’s access to the extended family of biological parents.

“The feedback we had goes more than the biological parents, but also contacts both with parents, siblings and also contacts with grandparents and the extended family”.

Dr Azzopardi Bonanno stated that the next step is a consultation with children in alternative care, who amount to some 400.

Family and Children’s Rights Minister, Michael Falzon, said that this consultation is intended to facilitate the local adoptions. He expressed the need of a cultural change so that more prospective parents adopt children from their own country. Amendments will be presented in the law so that adopted children will have contacts with biological families.