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Should vehicles have a black box that registers sequence of accidents?

The European Parliament has just approved new regulations, including safety ones, in an effort to reduce fatalities and avoid accidents on roads.

Proposals by Polish Euro MP Róża Thun, who worked on the report to enforce the required legislation, were approved and, among others, consist in the installation of a technological equipment in all the new vehicles from May 2022.

The advanced systems agreed by MEPs consist in the installation of a registration system of events (black box), controls on over-speeding vehicles, driving ban in case of excessive drinking, a warning system in case a driver is about to sleep or be destructed, immediate stoppage system or if a vehicle moves backwards.

Trucks and buses will be designed in a way so that pedestrians are more visible to drivers. These vehicles will be equipped by advanced technology in order to reduce blind spots in front and on the side of drivers. This technology becomes obligatory from November 2025 for new models and from November 2028 for new vehicles of existing models.

Thun’s report was approved by 578 votes in favour, 30 against and with 25 abstentions.

Statistics show that 25,100 persons died during 2018 in traffic accidents in EU countries. In Malta, there were 18 fatalities last year.


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