Should you be allowed to give your child a ridiculous name?

We frequently come across names which sound odd and strange. In recent years it has become customary for parents to invent or come up with odd sounding names which result in many criticizing the choices made by so called Generation-Z parents.

Trevor Żahra, a guest speaker on Popolin, spoke about particular names that have started to be used in recent years.

He reiterated that the peculiarity associated with these names is subjective because what is strange to one person is not necessarily strange to another person. He stressed that parents should be free to choose names they want.

On the other hand, he was critical of names which somehow ridicule the baby and open the door to certain insults. “We have to be careful that the name does not have connotations with other things that could somehow cause children to suffer.”

He said that he agrees that in our country laws should be introduced to control the choice in the names given, if in any way the name can adversely affect the child; “There should be laws in place that do are not oppressive or stifling, but which at the same time protect the interests of children.”

He reiterated that each country has its own fair share of typical names and it was unfortunate that our country had begun to lose this custom. It seems that in recent years Maltese have started to name their children typical Maltese names.

Asked by the presenter what was leading to this popularity linked to Maltese names, Żahra explained that as a people “we are becoming more aware of our identity and of the beautiful characteristics associated with our country. We don’t have to be ashamed of these names, on the contrary, we should appreciate and cherish our identity. ”