Sibling dogs reunite after a year and hug with joy

In recent days a heartwarming photo from the UK of two Cockapoo dogs hugging has gone viral on social media with many liking and expressing fondness at this rare sight.

More often than not, a chance meeting between dogs ends in them teasing each other, playing or having a go at each other. In this particular photo however, two dogs, Monty and Rosie, burst into joyful embrace upon seeing each other, against all social distancing rules.

In comments on ‘The Dodo’ site, Rosie’s owner Susan Killip said the two dogs are siblings and that they had parted last June as they were adopted by different families.

However, despite the fact that all these months have passed since, Ms Killip said the two dogs remembered each other, as evidenced by two photos uploaded to Twitter by her daughter Libby. She explained, that Monty and Rosie happened to meet by chance in one of the public gardens and that as soon as they saw each other they burst into sweet embrace and were clearly in the seventh heaven.

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