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Sicilian deported from Malta after being sentenced to 7 years in jail

A Sicilian man, aged 41, who has a colourful police record,  was sentenced to seven years jail after he was found guilty of stealing more than €30,000 worth of jewellery and valuable items over a period of three weeks from a number of shops and house in Malta.

In its decision, the Court presided over by Magistrate Joe Mifsud ordered that the man, Carmelo Ciranna, be deported back to his country (after serving his sentence), declaring him to be a threat to public peace in our country.

Mr Ciranna, who is a relapser, and who had benefited from parole, pleaded guilty to no less than nine robberies between 25 December and 8 January of this year. He said that his targets were shops and homes in Birkirkara, Attard, Marsascala, Zabbar and Qormi.

Among the items stolen were jewellery, expensive handbags and watches, cash, televisions, cameras, laptops and car batteries.

In Court, it was stated that despite the fact that the accused had apologized for his behaviour and promised to help the police recover the jewellery and valuable items which he had stolen and sold to support his drug habit, he had only co-operated on the robbery which he carried out in Attard.

In his sentence, Magistrate Mifsud said although the accused had been granted parole, and breached his bail conditions, this should not be interpreted as a negative message about this useful tool available to the justice system to repatriate those who break the law. He thanked all those who give their service in this sector and told them not to give up, despite the fact that there are those who do not know how to get back on the road towards social integration.

In his sentence, Magistrate Joe Mifsud also said that it is the absolute minority of “guests” among us who don’t care about our country’s laws. He said, however, that these few cause a lot of damage as they are also casting a bad light on those who live an exemplary life in Malta.

He encouraged the authorities to use the power given to them by law and not hold back from taking drastic steps against the ones who break the law, including deporting them from Malta.