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Owners of private gardens gather 400 kilos of fruit for Citrus Feast

Owners of private gardens in Lija gathered over 400 kilos of citrus fruits for the annual Citrus Feast. Lija is one of three villages well-known for its private houses and villas with beautiful gardens that contain hundreds of trees producing delicious citrus fruits.

In former days Belvedere Tower was part of the beautiful gardens of Villa Gourgion which was packed with trees, including citrus trees.

The annual feast at Lija is organised by the Local Council and has now reached its 17th edition.

The love of gardens and trees has been passed down generations of families. Although Amelia Schembri is still only 12 years old she already had a good knowledge of the care needed for the trees.

She said it depends on the trees that one has as for sweet oranges it takes three months while blood oranges depend on a lengthier term of time and need perfect watering while one has to be precise with one’s care.

Lija Mayor Magda Magri Naudi said she is highly fond of this feast because it produces a lot of benefits, including from an educational aspect when people are advised on the prevention of sickness by consuming fruit.

She said it is important that young people, adults and the elderly regularly consume citrus fruits and that lemon juice with hot water cleans the internal system and provides protection.

At the Citrus Feast one is able to appreciate a cradle of fruit and fruit products such as orange blossom water and fragrances made from fruit and the effect of fruit in easing lifestyle tensions.


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