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Siġġiewi parishioners celebrate liturgical feast of their patron saint

On 6 December Siġġiewi parishioners celebrate the liturgical feast of their patron saint, St Nicholas. As per tradition, children were the highlight of this feast. Students from the primary school walked in procession with a small statue of St Nicholas, carried shoulder-high by the students themselves.

Accompanied by the locality’s two bands, the Siġġiewi Festival Brass Band and Banda San Nikola, the procession with the statue was greeted with enthusiasm by parishioners and students from other schools who all congregated in the Square.

Nicholas Bezzina, who produces the magazine for the feast of St Nicholas, recounts how up to 1950, the feast of St Nicholas used to be held on its proper day – 6 December, and from the following year, it was transferred to a summer date.

Mr Bezzina admitted this activity rekindles a sense of nostalgia for his youth.

“I remember that when we were still at school we used to come here from school just as the children are doing today, and we would walk in procession to the church for mass, but some 15 years ago the initiative was taken to go back to the time when I was still a child, naturally with additions, as it now includes a form of pageant.”

This feast is a prelude to Christmas celebrations. The story goes that St Nicholas distributed his wealth to the poor, and dedicated himself to help those who were suffering and to fight injustices.

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