Significant difference between average hourly wage in Malta and that of the EU

The average salary in our country is approximately twenty thousand euros a year. Men are paid an average of four thousand euros more than women. Are the existing wages in our country justified when compared to the expenses incurred by Maltese families on a daily basis? Is the wealth being created being distributed to everyone?

Statistics show that the minimum wage and the average wage in Malta are lower than those established in the European Union. Josef Vella, general secretary of the United Workers Union said that when one considered the average wage on an hourly basis in Malta and compares it with that in the European Union, there was a significant gap. In fact, in Malta the average hourly wage was fifteen euro while in the European Union it was just over twenty-seven euro an hour. Vella reiterated that this had to be seen in the context of the country’s cost of living and that when we consider the cost of living in Malta the average wage in our country is even more staggering.

Josef Bugeja, general secretary of the General Workers Union, explained that the pay ranges in our country were in close proximity to each other so if a salary increase in one band it will create an immediate effect on the others. Bugeja stressed that we need to better analyze how the country’s economic growth is spreading, while also considering the well-being of Maltese workers and families.