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Simon Schembri says he is a better person after incident which changed his life

PC Simon Schembri has described himself as having become a better person following the incident in May which almost killed him. Following the launch of the Blue Light Foundation which he has set up to help victims of accidents involving those who work in the services, PC Schembri said that he has got this far thanks to the support he has found from his family and his colleagues in the force, who have given him a lot of courage.

The trauma he passed through has inspired PC Schembri to set up an independent foundation to complement the help he has  been given by the state, with moral, psychological and financial help to members of the disciplinary and emergency forces who are injured in the line of duty. The Foundation will work to increase the awareness among the public on the work which these public servants do for society.

In his first comments to the media following the incident when he was run over in May, PC Schembri says his life has changed completely. In an emotional message, he said that he is not the same person he was before, however with the help of his fellow police officers, he is a much better person. PC Schembri said that the moral and psychological support he has received was of great help to him.

“The Commissioner gave me a long lecture but he wants me to remain in the Force, as does the Prime Minister who told me to please stay in the Force because you still have a lot to give to the Maltese people.  I am doing this firstly, to get back on my feet and move forward, and secondly for all the people who came to see me to give me their moral support. That is why I am still here and I’m looking ahead,” he said.

During the inauguration of the Blue Light Foundation, it was explained that this has a statute which will regulate it operations and guarantee accountability and transparency.  The Foundation will be managed by a board made up of nine members, led by Inspector Herman Mula, with representatives from among each disciplinary force, including the Police, Civil Protection, the Armed Forces and the Corradino Correctional Facility, as well as the emergency services.

The President, Inspector Mula, said that the Foundation will work hand in hand with the blood bank while encouraging other professionals who may wish to lend a hand in the mission.

“Those who are professionals in the fields of education, the law and psychological support are all welcome because we have space for everyone,” he said.

The Foundation has the support of the Government, the Opposition and the President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca who, while presenting a donation to the new entity, spoke about the values of solidarity and psycho-social support, while the giving one’s self to others, as being priceless values.

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