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Simon Schembri writes to his colleagues after Liam Debono’s release on bail

Following the release on bail yesterday of Liam Debono, who is charged with the attempted murder of Constable Simon Schembri, the Police officer penned a letter to the Police Corps.

In the letter he reminded his colleagues that they had solemnly sworn to be faithful and loyal to the people and the Republic of Malta and its Constitution. Schembri stated that this should never be changed, particularly in moments when one would wish for assistance without being given it, or in moments when one feels one’s actions are not appreciated.

Schembri wrote that “these moments should not be moments which push one towards giving up; on the contrary, they should inspire one to work harder for the benefit of society.”

Simon ended his letter with a message of hope: “never give up, just as I have not given up, and above all, never forget that we are the guardians of society, in good times and bad times.”

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