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So far the Government has implemented 90% of the social measures promised

The Government has implemented 34 social measures, some of them first-time measures, particular those affecting children.

Minister Michael Falzon said these measures implemented have created more social benefits and have made a tangible difference to the lives of persons while ensuring social justice with the more vulnerable. The Minister was reviewing the measures introduced over the last three-and-a-half years.

This means that 90% of the Government’s promised social measures have been implemented and will yield their positive results.

Minister Falzon said the measures have had a positive impact on the elderly who had missing NI Stamps but are now receiving a pension. Dr Falzon said his Ministry has given a lot of attention to the welfare of children regarding their care and protection, the grant given to those wanting to adopt a child from overseas and those fostering or adopting children.

The Minister said there are 400 children who do not live with their parents because of social problems and this is highlighting the need for a legal change to make adoption easier.

He said that public consultation that had been carried out on the adoption of Maltese children was close to his heart because 400 children deprived of their biological parents have been adopted. He said legal changes are needed as necessary and there is yet much to be done so that social justice will be accomplished.

Minister Falzon said the social sector is highly important and so much that social services are being provided to people in their own homes and thus in recent years many thousands have been able to emerge from the poverty in which they were existing.