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Sister of traffic accident victim awarded €51,000 in damages

Celine Briffa has been awarded €51,180 in damages suffered by her sister Hayley Anne Briffa.  Hayley had died tragically in a traffic accident 13 years ago.

The accident happened in Qormi, when Marthese Vella was walking with her daughter Hayley on the pavement and they were hit by a car driven by Karl Micallef, although the vehicle was in the name of Joseph Azzopardi.

The Protection and Compensation Fund had filed a request with the Court for Micallef and Azzopardi to pay this amount of money as compensation for the damages which the victim suffered who, on the day of the accident, was only two years old.

Hayley’s, Celine, was awarded the compensation requested by the Fund, because she is the victim’s heir. Four years ago, Hayley’s mother Marthese was awarded the compensation of €208,477 after she had sued the two men for damages when she lost her daughter in the accident.

In his sentence, Judge Lawrence Mintoff declared that both Micallef and Azzopardi were responsible for the accident and had to share payment for the damages amounting €51,180 to Celine Briffa.

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