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New site launched to enable users a comparison of telecommunications services offered by companies

The Malta Communications Authority is to collate all offers made by local telecommunication companies, including television bundles, mobile services and internet services, to enable consumers to be informed about the best offers currently on the market.

The information may be obtained from a new electronic site that according to Minister for the Economy and Industry, Silvio Schembri, is intended to maintain competition between suppliers of these services while also providing an important tool for users.

This will provide the 850,000 persons making use of local telephone and internet services and will give them the opportunity to check the best offers available.

The newly-launched site will list the cheapest available services based on preferences and client needs.

During the launching, the CEO of the Authority, Jesmond Bugeja, emphasised the utility to clients to be provided by the site for them to make the best choices by providing transparent information and making comparison of services.

Mark Stivala, the Assistant Manager responsible for consumer affairs in MCA said this is the first electronic site of its nature in Malta and will be updated continually.

He said there are currently more than 120 offers on the market for services that include mobiles, landlines and the internet and sometimes it is difficult to analyse which are the most advantageous. The new website will help users to make their choices and they can then contact suppliers.

Minister Schembri maintained that the telecommunications structure in the country is the most developed throughout Europe. He referred to The Index of Digital Economy and Society issued by the EU Commission that places Malta among the best five countries in the EU in making digital progress, particularly in the use of broadband, internet capacity and the integration of digital technology for commercial enterprises.

To Television Malta, Minister Schembri said the site will maintain competition in the telecommunications sector while with the progress of time digital services will become more central in the lives of people and therefore the public has a right to know about what is happening. By being able to compare offers made by telecommunications companies will be of great service to users.

The Minister noted that currently there are three companies providing 4.5G services throughout the country and one of the operators has already invested in a 5G infrastructure and in the coming year more varied services will be offered for the private sector.