Six new cases of Covid-19 in Malta, six others recover

Six new cases have been confirmed as positive for Covid-19, whilst another six patients have recovered.

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci stated during today’s medical bulletin that the new cases have emerged after 1,120 swabs which were carried out yesterday.

496 persons have tested positive to date, with the total number of active cases being 58, another 433 having recovered and five having died.

The new cases include a 48-year-old Maltese woman who had already been in quarantine as her mother had resulted positive for the virus earlier this week. The woman starting losing her sense of smell on 8 May.

Another case is that of a 51-year-old Maltese man who started feeling headaches and throat pain. Professor Gauci said the man is self-employed, and contact tracing is ongoing with members of his family.

Another Maltese man who is 89 years old also tested positive for Covid-19. The man had been in the same ward in Karen Grech as the elderly man who died some days ago. Professor Gauci said that when the man was tested after the death of the other elderly man, the test had resulted negative, but when the man developed a fever and cough in the past hours the test was repeated and it resulted positive for Covid-19. The Superintendent added that another 15 tests were carried out on patients and on a wider spread of staff in the hospital, and all tests were negative.

The three other cases include two health workers, two women – a 27-year-old and a 25-year-old – who had contact with each other and started with throat pain symptoms on 7 May. Professor Gauci said eight tests were carried out in the ENT ward where they worked, and whilst seven resulted negative, a 53-year-old patient who suffered from breathlessness resulted positive. The health workers had shown symptoms when at work, and the authorities are monitoring the situation.

Professor Gauci also stated that two persons who tested positive for Covid-19 are being kept at Mater Dei, three at Boffa Hospital and another three at St Thomas Hospital.

You can follow the media conference below:

Is-Supretendent għas-Saħħa tindirizza konferenza stampa dwar il-Covid-19

Is-Supretendent għas-Saħħa tindirizza konferenza stampa dwar il-Covid-19

Gepostet von Television Malta am Sonntag, 10. Mai 2020

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