Six truckloads of tomatoes used in Bunol ‘tomatina’

Just like in Malta, Spain has a number of festivals tied to specific localities or particular products. One of the most popular is the tomatina… an annual tomato fight held on this day in a town close to Valencia.

Some 45 tons of tomatoes were loaded onto six trucks and delivered to Bunol, a town in Valencia province, for the annual tomaato fight held on Wednesday morning. Thousands travel to Bunol to take part in La Tomatina, whilst residents have been spending the past days boarding up their properties with sheets of wood and plastic, to guard their homes and shops from the tomato mess – and from the behaviour of those taking part in the fight.

The tomato fight kicked off at 11.00 a.m. The six trucks were driven to a main road and provided the ‘ammunition’ which was used in the fight, in a rowdy and colourful atmosphere created by the thousands of participants.

The Tomatina goes back to 1945, but had been prohibited for some time in the fifties during the Franco dictatorship. When it was once again authorised, the public started taking part in large numbers, with attendance today reaching some 45,000. Entry to Bunol’s main street is now controlled and is limited to 22,000 persons, 5,000 of which are reserved for residents.


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