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Sixth form students at De La Salle prepare for Lasallian Nights

Sixth form students at De La Salle are busy preparing for their annual show known as Lasallian Nights.

This year the theme will be love. TVM paid them a visit during their final rehearsal.

Te Quiero, the Spanish phrase which means “I love you” is the production on which De la Salle Sixth Formers are working on this year.

For the first time, the students have chosen the theme of love in its various forms.

The stars of Te Quiero are two lovers who because of certain circumstances they are going through, have to go their separate ways. However, the love between them remains strong through the letters they send to each other.

Students at the college have been rehearsing since May for Lasallian Nights and have organised themselves into committees all of which are responsible for different departments such as make-up, media, dance, music, costumes and much more.

Nigel Caruana said, “during this show, we demonstrate the talents of a lot of young people. We try to include as many students as possible. We began organising ourselves over the summer and tried to include as much talent as possible. At the moment the acting part is being rehearsed, but we also try to include dance, singing, and art, as well as the backdrop, which is being painted by the students themselves who have been working on it since September.”

Lasallian Nights will take place this weekend at De La Salle College in Cospicua.

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