Changes in men’s hair may affect the heart

A recent study has shown that men who are going bald or experiencing hair whitening before they reach 40 years of age have a greater chance of having heart problems.

The study was presented at the 69th annual conference of the Indian Society of Cardiology in Calcutta. It revealed that men aged under 40, who possess these characteristics, are at risks of a heart attack five times more than the average.

Therefore, the study recommended that those in the phase of going bald or experiencing hair whitening before reaching 40, should undergo frequent check-ups to see that their heart is functioning well. Researchers also suggested that the persons should look into their lifestyles to avoid heart attacks.

It is thought that changes in the hair of men under 40 is the result of changes in hormones, where in the past research found a relation between the hormones and cardiovascular risks.

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