Sleeping during the day may cause dementia – study

Many people prefer the afternoon nap than sleeping during the night. Others say that sleeping after mid-day lunch gives them the needed energy for the rest of the day.

A scientific study has shown that people who do not sleep well at night and prefer the nap during the day have a greater chance of  having dementia. The study said that this occurs as sleeping during the day has more of the tau protein which causes sort of brain knots that lead to dementia.

The study, which was carried out among 100 elderly persons, also concluded that lack of deep sleeping also creates brain proteins that kill neurons. Scientists stressed that the best sleep is deep sleeping which, unfortunately, diminishes as a person gets older. In fact, men sleep less deeply when they reach 35 years and women at 50 years old.

The scientists emphasized the crucial and importance of sleeping for the human being as doctors can identify from the amount of sleeping if a person suffers from Alzheimer or any other types of dementia.

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