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“I heard shouts for help and then saw them haul somebody out of the sea”

Two Mellieħa youths early this morning were involved in a marine incident when their boat crashed into a hotel wall at Marfa.

A night spent spear fishing almost ended in tragedy for the two friends when on their return they probably fell asleep and their boat crashed into the wall of the Ramla Bay Resort at high speed.

The incident happened at about 5 am when hotel residents at the Marfa hotel were awakened by shouts that rent the early morning silence. One of the tourists, Nicola Hauge, recounted what she had seen and provided TVM with a video she had taken on her mobile which although not of high quality shows the dramatic moments that happened just before sunrise.

Nicola said “I couldn’t really see much at first. I just could hear somebody shouting for help and then I came out of my room looked over the side and still heard somebody shouting and then I saw somebody run towards that hotel from that side.”

A few moments after the incident, the help of the Police, Civil Protection and the Armed Forces was called for. The first to arrive on the scene were Rapid Intervention Unit Police as well as Qawra District Police and it was the English tourist who showed them the site of the incident.

Nicola continued “a few minutes after the Police all came searching down and I shouted to them it’s over there, it’s over there, and they zoomed round and then I saw them pulling somebody out of the water … and then they took him in the little building there and not long after the ambulance turned up”.

Initial aid to the youths was administered by the officials of the hotel’s security office. They were then taken to Mater Dei Hospital for further treatment and the 20-year-old was certified to have suffered serious injuries while the other 19-year-old youth was slightly injured.

Their boat was towed toward a small ship and was hauled out of the sea by a crane and loaded on the ship. Police investigations are ongoing.

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