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SOAR – new concept to assist women who were victims of abusive relationship

A group of volunteers are giving a helping hand to the Jeanne Antide foundation to convert an old building into an adequate space so that it will offer the SOAR services – an innovative concept led by women who came out of an abusive relationship and also victims of domestic violence

Considering the amount of work still to be done, the appeal continues for volunteers who are ready to assist in this social project.

SOAR, which is managed within the Jeanne Antide foundation at Tarxien, offers services to the abused women and their children after they had spent a period in a shelter or at relatives and are now gaining ground in their life in the community.

“We understand that violence does not stop when a woman leaves an abusive relationship. Violence changes and is refined; there is more stalking, more manipulation even in Courts. That is we know that the needs of women do not stop after they leave a shelter or because they are living in the community”, SOAR coordinator Elaine Compagno said.

She added that the service provided by ‘survivor’ women will be offered from another space with more comfort.

Project officer, Inspector Charlotte Curmi, spoke on the services that will be offered in the new building. “We will have a ‘probono’ office for professionals, an office in which to guide them for existing services and we will work on innovative ideas for the ‘try and fill the gap’ services. In the upper floor, we will have creativity rooms, a board room and courses will be provided, a play area for children of women who come here”.

SOAR will support women to enable them to rebuild their confidence in themselves and to help them look after themselves, particularly financially. Elaine and Charlotte appealed for more volunteers to give a helping hand in the conversion of the premises that will host women and their children. They also invited professionals, like counsellors and lawyers, to offer their services.

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