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Social distancing, masks and hygiene have to be retained

Despite the fact that many restrictions linked to Covid-19 were lifted today, the Superintendence of Public Health is stressing that basic principles should be retained, as the pandemic has not yet ended.

The Superintendence stated that possibilities of person-to-person transmission through exposure increase the longer and closer a person is subject to exposure.

The Superintendence added that for this reason the following three mitigation measures should be retained:

1. Physical/social distancing between one person and another or groups of persons not from the same household has to be respected in public places;

2. Wearing of masks/visors. Evidence has shown that the wearing of a mask or visor protects wearers from Covid-19 infection;

3. Hygiene measures and respiratory etiquette should always be followed in order to avoid a person being infected or spreading the virus. Frequent washing of hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or with cleaning alcohol (70% minimum alcohol) remains important.

The Superintendence further stated that with the lifting of other measures, including the re-introduction of international travel, observance of these three measures is essential in order to maintain a stable situation in Malta in regard to Covid-19.