Some 100 evaluations of domestic violence cases are carried out each month

“Unfortunately, domestic violence is with us and is increasing”, Remenda Grech, Director at the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, said during ‘Popolin’ programme in which domestic violence in Malta was discussed.

Ms Grech said that since the introduction of the domestic violence legislation more emphasis and opportunity is being given to identify these type of cases. More victims are being assisted through the involvement of the police and workers and professionals of FSWS. She added that the amount of reported cases is increasing due to various factors; it may be that domestic violence reality has increased while another factor is because the services are more accessible and victims are encouraged more to use them. “In Malta, some 100 evaluations of domestic violence are carried out each month”.

Irrespective of the reason regarding the increase of cases, the fact remains that there are currently a great number of domestic violence cases in the country. No less than 1,000 cases were reported in Malta between January and June this year.