Some 6,200 persons will have left Malta over the coming days

Over the next few days, the Government will have assisted another 500 persons to leave Malta and return to their country after having lost their jobs as a result of Covid-19.

This was stated on social media by the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs, Evarist Bartolo, with the Minister pointing out these persons were returning to Colombia, Spain, Albania and Poland.

Minister Bartolo added that to date, the Maltese Government had sent 1,500 to Greece, France, Turkey, Spain, the UK, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Italy.  This whilst during March the Government had already assisted another 4,200 to return to their country.

This in effect means that since the start of the pandemic in Malta, within a few days some 6,200 persons will have returned to their countries.

Minister Bartolo further stated that prior to Covid-19, some 11,000 jobs were being created in Malta every year, 7,000 of which were being taken up by foreigners, as the birth rate in Malta is on the low side.

This had led to some 100,000 foreign nationals coming to live in Malta in recent years, which translates into nearly 25% of the population.

Minister Bartolo stated that these workers helped us to expand our wealth and improve pensions and social services, as well as health, education and an increase in trade and money in circulation.

Added to these are the visits by thousands of tourists, which were in the region of 2,800,000 in 2019. There are also some 4,000 migrants who left North Africa.

The Minister referred to various areas of the world where tension exists between local citizens and foreign tourists, between local citizens and foreign workers, and between local citizens and migrants, saying we had all three in the country.

“Crowding each other more than we can cope with is not wise,” Minister Bartolo stated, whilst stressing on the importance of creating a balance in order to benefit from the mix and diversity.

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