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Some €9 million will be paid in Children’s Allowances to families next week

On the 15th December, the Government will issue children’s allowance payments to 42,000 families who, between them, have 63,000 children. The cost will be almost €9 million for the first three months of next year, which includes the increase announced in the budget.

Minister Michael Falzon said that the biggest increase will be given to families with an income of less than €20,000. There are 8,000 families from this category who will receive an increase up to a maximum of €96 a year on every child.

Dr Falzon added that 1,330 families will receive an increase of €260 a year in allowance for Children with Disability, while the foster care allowance will increase from €70 to €100 a week. He said that the Government wants that no boy or girl lives in poverty if he/she has a single working parent in order to create social justice with a society that lives with the Prosperity with a Purpose concept.

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