Some people are reasoning that they better get Covid-19 now “to get it over with” – Minister Fearne

A section of the population which is under the age of 50 is reasoning that they better get Covid-19 now, “to get it over with” so they can continue with their lives.

This was stated by Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne when he was being interviewed on the programme Xtra.

He said that this reasoning does not make sense because there is no guarantee that once you contract the virus you will not get it again. Apart from this you will end up giving it to someone else who may be high risk.

He said that the vaccine is not far off, and appealed for everyone to make the last bit of sacrifice, even though Christmas is coming.

Speaking on the same programme the Leader of the Opposition and of the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, said that in July it should have been made clear that people should not start going out again, but that they should wear a mask and observe the mitigation measures.

He said that he is against a lockdown, and expressed his belief that masks should be worn everywhere.

Xtra is transmitted on TVM after the 8.00pm news.