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Some viewers to lose ten TV stations

Late on Monday evening Melita completely suspended the transmission of ten stations which are still transmitted via the analogue system, although they will continue to be transmitted via the digital system. The end of this service is expected to affect some viewers who are still watching TV on the old system.

An unknown number of viewers from today will end up without some popular stations and will instead turn on their TV to find a static screen. This is because these viewers were still watching stations on Melita’s analogue system.

Melita has decided to turn off this service because these ten stations are now available on the digital system with a much better quality.

Simon Montanaro, on behalf of Melita, said that for the last two months, the company has been informing its clients about the end of the analogue system through a scroll on a blue strip at the bottom of the screen.

“We are turning off this system in order to provide a better Internet service, and Melita clients who are still using the analogue system were informed to switch over to digital, which is a much better form of technology,” he said.

The company said that those already using the digital service will not be affected.

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