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Some workers are still being threatened so that they do not join a union – Josef Vella

The Chief Executive of the UĦM (Voice of the Workers), Josef Vella said that there are still workers who are being threatened with dismissal from their employment if they try to join a union.

Speaking during the programme Ras imb ras, Josef Vella said that, despite the fact that it is illegal, this is the reality and there are workers who are not being allowed to become union members.

Asked whether he is reporting these cases, Mr Vella said that if the employee gives him permission he does report it, but generally speaking, the worker would not want to do so to protect their job.

During the programme, Mr Vella also spoke about foreign workers in Malta.  He said that approximately one out of every five workers is of foreign nationality. He said that the country should be careful about what type of workers are entering the country because Malta cannot cope with a larger population. He gave as an example, the jobs available in restaurants and hotels. He said that while the Maltese are not accepting certain salaries because they cannot support a family on that kind of pay, foreign nationals are accepting whatever pay is being offered to them.

Josef Vella also spoke about the proposal which would make it obligatory for every worker to join a union.  He said that he did not completely agree with this and it would be better if we first protect the most vulnerable workers who are not even receiving a wage.

To hear the full interview with Josef Vella you can follow Ras imb ras here.

Ras imb ras is broadcast from Monday to Friday  at7.30pm.


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