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PM reveals Malta’s plans in the event no agreement is reached on Brexit

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is addressing a press conference about Brexit.

During this press conference, Dr Muscat spoke about the preparations Malta is making in case the UK leaves the EU with no deal and also referred to the situation of British citizens who live in Malta, once Brexit comes into effect.

The PM said that during yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, 36 measures were discussed which need to be taken once the UK leaves the EU. Dr Muscat said that 82 laws will be affected and therefore the Government was preparing for this eventuality.

On a national level, the preparations are focusing on the protection of the rights of Maltese citizens who live in the UK and the rights of British citizens who live in Malta.

He said that around 13,000 British people live in Malta, while 5,000 work here. Dr Muscat explained that those who intend to continue living here need to apply for a new residence document by 29 March. Regarding the Maltese who live in the UK, they need to apply for special status to safeguard certain rights such as their pensions.

Dr Muscat also gave further details on how air travel, the existing health agreements as well as trade between the two countries will be affected.

He said that Malta is at a very advanced stage in its preparations and explained that in the next few days representatives from the European Commission will be in the country to see the progress of these preparations in connection with Brexit.

A helpline will be launched both in Malta and in the UK on the effects of Brexit, both if agreement is reached and also if no agreement is reached. The Prime Minister appealed for Maltese living in the UK to contact the Malta High Commissioner in the UK in order to be kept updated on developments.

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