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South Korean students to undergo aviation maintenance training at MCAST

At the start of next year, students from South Korea will start training in Malta to graduate as technicians in aircraft maintenance. Students will be trained at MCAST after an agreement between the college, two private companies and the South Korean government.

The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, MCAST, has reached an agreement with two private companies and the South Korean government to train students from South Korea in the aviation sector at MCAST .

The General Manager of MCAST Gateway to Industry, Stephen Vella, explained that as per the agreement reached with EOS Projects and the American aviation company, Wasinc International, the Government of South Korea would send students to Malta not only to study but also to carry out their practice with companies on aircraft maintenance.

“After staying in Malta, they will be in a position to work in Malta and also the possibility of returning to their country where they can support the aviation industry.”

The CEO of EOS Projects, Captain Eric Abela said that this was an initiative of MCAST and of the Malta Enterprise to support to the aviation sector in Malta. It is an initiative which he said had attracted the South Korean government, which provided a fund for South Korean students to be able to study and work abroad.

“It is a way for them to alleviate any youth unemployment problems which, while for MCAST it would bring in a substantial amount of money for training purposes also MCAST took introduce a substantial amount of training. MROs – Maintenance Organisations – in Malta – will be able to expand their operations. ”

MCAST estimates that the first group of students from South Korea will begin training at the College in the coming months.