Spain: Cannibal jailed for 15 years after killing his mother

A court in Spain has sentenced a man to 15 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of stabbing his mother and eating her in early 2019.

The court ruled that Albert S.G., branded the “Ventas’ cannibal killer, was compos mentis when he committed the crime and he was therefore given a prison sentence.

In court it emerged that the man cut up pieces of his mother’s corpse and ate them while giving some pieces to his dog.

The sentence said the murder took place during a fight between the offender and his mother, a 69-year-old woman, in an apartment they had together in Ventas.

The prosecution said that after choking her, the man dragged his mother into her bedroom and used a saw and two knives to get rid of her corpse.

He stored other parts in plastic containers that he spread around the house and inside the fridge.