Spain study reduces hope of an immunity against Covid-19

A study in Spain has reduced the hope that people will be able to develop what is called as the herd immunity against Covid-19. This follows the finding that only 5% of the population in Spain had developed an immunity for the virus.

The study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, was carried out on 61,000 persons and is the biggest of its type held until now in Europe.

The herd immunity refers to a scenario in which enough persons in the community are positive to the virus and they develop a resistance against it and thus it will not continue to spread.

The study results showed that 95% of the Spanish population remained susceptible to coronavirus, and confirmed other studies’ findings, including a study on antibodies carried out on 2,766 persons in Switzerland, which showed that the majority of the population remain unexposed to the virus.

The issue about antibodies has created questions on whether a person who recovered from Covid-19 may again result positive to the virus in the future.

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