Spent inheritance from his father on drugs in one month, ended up owing €70,000

A 29-year-old man has been handed down a nine-month sentence and fined 1,500 euro after being found guilty of possession of the drug ecstasy in a place frequented by youths.

The case goes back to April 2013 in Paceville. The Prosecution stated in Court that on 14 April of that year they were carrying out inspections in an establishment, when they spotted the accused near the bar acting suspiciously. The Police officers approached him and asked him to accompany them to the toilet, where a search was carried out on his person, resulting in 19 tablets being found in his trouser pocket. After being taken to the Police station, the accused took the Police to a parking place in St Julian’s, where they recovered another 79 tablets from a parked car.

In a statement to the Police, the man denied he was selling drugs in the establishment and said the pills were for his own use. He added he had only been using drugs on the weekend and had bought them in bulk for 300 euro to last him for three months. He added that he had just bought them and had then gone on to Paceville.

The Court was told that the accused had started experimenting with drugs at age 16. He had started with cannabis and had then moved on to stronger drugs, which affected his mental health. The Court how at 18 he started going to parties and taking a substantial amount of different drugs. It was stated that in the course of one night he used to experiment with different types of substances and according to him, in just one night he could ingest 25 ecstasy pills or five grams of cocaine. It was also stated that at one point he had calmed down and had been studying to become a chef, but after his father died, in one month he had blown away all his inheritance on drugs and had ended up owing 70,000 euro. For a time he had entered into a relationship that had gone on for seven and a half years and had lessened his use of drugs. At the time of the relationship, he only used cannabis.

The Court, Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras presiding, stated that the accused had not justified the amount of drugs in his possession, adding that the amount of 98 tablets was coniderable. The Court considered that his conduct sheet included one case which went back to 2006, linked to possession of cannabis.

The Court handed down a nine-month sentence and a 1,500 euro fine. The accused was also ordered to pay Court experts’ fees, amounting to 171.34 euro.