Spokey and Africa will not be separated but require your help

Spokey and Africa are two horses who have lived together for 15 years, but which recently have had to find another home.

Members of the association Rehome a Horse Malta, who were looking for a home for these horses, did not wish to separate them, but nobody was willing to take both horses together.

Spokey has an injury and is 21 years, while Africa, the pony, is 16. Their owner can no longer take care of them due to lack of space.

A family’s misfortune in the United Kingdom, who had just lost their horse, has turned into an opportunity for Spokey and Africa, as this family has accepted to take both.

Now that Spokey and Africa have found a family, they are in need of funding for transportation.

The organisation is appealing for help to enable Africa Spokey to live out the last years of their lives in greener pastures.

Further information can be obtained from the page Rahm on Facebook.

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