St. Helen Fireworks Society appeals to be given its own room for storage of fireworks

The St. Helen Fireworks Society of Birkirkara has appealed to the Authorities to be given a room for the storage of fireworks.

The Secretary of the Association, Andre’ Azzopardi, explained that before 1982 the Society had a fireworks room in Iklin on the land belonging to the Hellenic Collegiate Proto, and in 1982 it was temporarily relocated to a quarry in Ta ‘Xwieki limits of Għargħur by the Maltese Government of that time.

Following the incident in June 2007, in which 5 people died, members faced various problems both to enable the site to re-operate as a fireworks factory and also to find an alternative location where they could continue their hobby.

Azzopardi said that in recent months the Association has spoken to MPs on both sides of the house on the eighth district and to candidates on the district where they have explained the difficulties that they were encountering to use the site in Xwieki, or relocate to another site in addition to the heavy financial burden borne by the Association to set up a pyrotechnic program.

He went on to say that the Association learned that in 2017 the Authorities had entered an agreement with the residents of the area to the effect that they will not issue a permit to re-work the fire. He said this was done behind the back of the Association. The Secretary asked why it was only Birkirkara that was left without a room for fireworks.