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St Philip’s club will no longer allow people to be carried shoulder-high following video of Marlene Farrugia

The committee and members of the St Philip’s band club said that it was disassociating itself and has condemned the incident which was provoked by a few people who are neither members nor frequent visitors of the club, and who just showed up during the village feast. He was referring to the video which was being shared on social media in which the MP for the Democratic Party, Marlene Farrugia appeared. In the video, Marlene can be seen being carried shoujldder-high and in the background there were people singing a song with disparaging lyrics aimed at the Nationalist Party. The video was taken during the feast of Zebbug at the St Philip’s band club.

In a statement, the band added that it has always stayed away from politics, and in fact two young members from the committee who were present at the time, immediately stopped the music “which was being abused by a few irresponsible people in a bar which is open to the public.”

This case led to the committee holding an urgent meeting during which it decided  that more control should be kept on the type of music being played during the days of the feast, which needs to be pre-approved, and that no one will be allowed to be carried shoulder-high inside the club any longer.

The video which went viral led to a heated controversy. The PN Secretary General Clyde Puli who posted the video on FB wrote, “we gave them the stage, the media and two parliamentary seats. And then she was cheeky enough to want to become our leader. And when we wanted to give up a seat for our leader to be coopted, she wanted one of her candidates to contest it. Today they dance and enjoy themselves to the rhythm of those who hate us. And with this anchor weighing us down, and other damage which was being caused, we were meant to try and improve the position of the PN in the last few months.”

This comment led to a reaction by Marlene Farrugia who wrote on FB that the video shared by Clyde Puli was fake. In one of her posts, she said that “the rotten part of the PN is afraid of Marlene Farrugia because she tells you the truth. Clyde Puli and his friends have continued to confirm that they are fake and incompetent.” In another post, she said, “this is not the time to tolerate more fighting and intrigue within the Opposition. Puli made a grave mistake but I forgive him. The best thing now is for those who are obstructing the unity and rebuilding of the PN, or the entity which needs to evolve from the PN, to stay silent, reflect and understand that we are allowing Muscat’s corrupt Government to keep bulldozing his way over the people who once again put their trust in him, because we are not offering a credible alternative. We have to focus. Time is running out. Don’t waste any more time. Our country will continue to call us to do what is expected of us in the political path we have taken where we have promised to serve. Forgive each other, so that we can move forward.”

On his part, PD MP, Godfrey Farrugia also wrote on FB. His post read, “This is the deceit of Clyde Puli. The dirty dealings and cunningness of Clyde Puli have been revealed. The video is manipulated to shed a bad light on Marlene because they know she is loyal to all the people and continues to insist that we have a strong Opposition to be an alternative Government which is loyal to the people at a time when we have a corrupt Government.  Fake video”.

TVM has chosen not to publish the video because of the coarse language. The photo is taken from the video which was shared on Facebook.

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