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Stables seals forced open, migrants return to occupy them

Planning Authority officers today again visited the Marsa area where last week an enforcement action was taken in nineteen stables which were used as illegal residences, some of which during the past days were again used by migrants who allegedly broke off seals made by the Authority.

As the same time, notices were placed at the entrance of another complex where at least two stables were allegedly also used as illegal residences for migrants.

The head of the PA’s enforcement section, Architect Raphael Axiak said that in one of the stables the seals were broken so that migrants could return. “Unfortunately, we had a particular case in which the seals were twice broken and it was again illegally used as residences”.

Mr Axiak said that Planning Authority officers are still guarding the area and have placed Enforcement notices in three entrances of another stables complex which is a few metres away
from last week’s enforcement operation.

Architect Axiak said they received various complaints on other places near that building and investigations showed that some stable were also turned into residences without the Authority’s permit.

While a TVM crew was at the area, sources said that at least two stables allegedly were being illegally used as residences for migrants. The rest are used for horses as the one owned by George Bezzina.

Mr Bezzina said: “Has anyone considered removing horses and bring people here? We are horse enthusiasts and have no place for them”.

Bezzina, owners or other persons using the other stables are being requested to install a telephone link at the stables or contact the Planning Authority. Owners who turned stables into residences should remove the illegalities immediately and have 16 days to turn the site into its original use.

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